What Is the Process of Getting Fitted for Custom Clear Aligners?

Thinking about getting fitted for custom clear aligners in Austin? Great choice! Clear aligners are orthodontic treatment in stealth mode. If you’re curious about how to get started with invisible appliances, we can help. Dr. Naj, Dr. Salome, and Dr. Hime will explain how our Austin Orthodontic Arts team handles your fitting process. No jargon, no confusion—just simple steps to get you closer to a selfie-centric smile. Let’s dive into the world of clear aligners, shall we?

Initial Consultation: Your First Step to Your New Smile

What happens on your first visit to our office for your clear aligner fitting? Think of it as the meet-and-greet phase. We’ll get to know you and learn more about how we can help. We’ll discuss your aspirations for your smile and how aligners can get you there. 

Dr. Naj, Dr. Salome, and Dr. Hime will examine your teeth, maybe take pictures, and discuss whether clear aligners are the best choice for you. Not everyone’s teeth are ready to jump straight into aligners. Sometimes, your teeth might need a little prep work. No two smiles are exactly the same.

Digital Impressions: Mapping Your Smile

Next up, digital impressions. This part is pretty cool—our team takes your teeth on a high-tech photo shoot. Gone are the days of biting down on gooey, uncomfortable trays to make molds of your teeth. Now, we use a novel digital scanner that takes thousands of tiny pictures of your teeth. 

This innovative gadget moves around from different angles. It snaps pictures faster than a paparazzi at a movie premiere. These images then come together to create a super detailed 3D model of your mouth, showing every nook and cranny of your smile.

Why do we go through all this trouble? This digital model helps our team plan how to move your teeth into that smile you’re after. It’s the roadmap to giving your grin the greatness it deserves. 

What Is the Process of Getting Fitted for Custom Clear Aligners?

Treatment Planning: Crafting Your Orthodontic Journey

After your teeth have had their moment in the spotlight with digital impressions, it’s time for some behind-the-scenes action: treatment planning. This is where Dr. Naj, Dr. Salome, and Dr. Hime turn into tooth detectives. Our team studies the 3D model of your mouth to plot out exactly how each tooth needs to be adjusted. It’s like planning the moves on a chessboard, where every shift is aimed at achieving checkmate—except, in this case, it’s a winning smile.

Our team uses smart software to map out your treatment from start to finish. We’ll show you the route your teeth will take over time, like a movie trailer of your future smile. Little by little, you’ll see how your teeth will shift until they’re all lined up into their ideal position.

Manufacturing: From Digital Design to Clear Alignment

Once your treatment plan gets the green light, it’s time to bring your future smile from the digital world into the real one. This is where your clear aligners are born. Picture a futuristic lab where your digital smile plan is sent. In this lab, your 3D model will be used to create your brand-new clear aligners. 

Remember how no two smiles are the same? We customize your clear aligners specifically for you—and nobody else. They won’t fit your neighbor, your employer, or your best friend. They’re designed with your smile in mind. Your unique smile is entitled to a unique treatment. We’re the artists that are up to the job. That’s why we’re Austin Orthodontics Arts.  

What Is the Process of Getting Fitted for Custom Clear Aligners?

Fitting Your First Aligner: The Beginning of Transformation

The moment you’ve been waiting for has arrived—it’s time to fit your first aligner! This is where your transformation really kicks off. Once your design is complete, we will present it to you. You’ll receive a sleek, clear aligner tray. You might be surprised by how lightweight it feels. While we don’t do tailor-made suits, we’re confident that your tailor-made aligner will fit even better than that. 

Our knowledgeable team will show you how to put your aligner in and take it out. We’ll make sure you feel comfortable and confident doing it yourself. It might feel a bit strange at first. Like your teeth are getting a firm hug. But don’t worry! That’s just the aligner getting down to business.

You’ll also learn how to care for your new aligners—keeping them clean and safe so they can do their job right. And just like that, you’re on your way. With each aligner, you’re not just moving closer to your dream smile; you’re living your life uninterrupted while your teeth shift into place. So, smile big and wear your aligners with pride—you’re on the path to transformation!

What Is the Process of Getting Fitted for Custom Clear Aligners?

Custom Clear Aligners in Austin

Dr. Naj, Dr. Salome, Dr. Hime, and our team are your clearest answer for custom clear aligners in Austin. Aligners offer the same straightening power as metal or clear braces but without demanding quite so much dedication. With a practice conveniently located to serve you, our team is thrilled to help bring out the best in your smile. Your smile goals are completely clear. Shouldn’t your treatment be, too? Schedule your free exam with Austin Orthodontic Arts today.