Evidence-Based Orthodontic Practices: Why Is It Important?

When choosing an orthodontic practice to guide you or your family through treatment, finding an orthodontist you can trust is your #1 priority. Unfortunately, it has become more and more common for orthodontists and internet users to spread unverified claims about orthodontic treatment that often lead to unmet expectations, health complications, and a lack of trust in your provider. At Austin Orthodontic Arts, however, we take a different approach. Dr. Naj, Dr. Salome, and Dr. Hime care for patients with a thorough, conservative, evidence-based treatment philosophy that puts your best interests first and preserves the integrity of your experience from beginning to end. 

The State of Orthodontic Misinformation

In the modern era of likes and clickbait, the internet and social media are making it more confusing than ever for patients to find reliable information about orthodontic treatments. By scrolling through the orthodontic side of social media, you’ll often find users making unsupported claims that encourage risky orthodontic practices without the scientific evidence to back them up. 

Misinformation is one thing; orthodontists following unsupported procedures is another thing entirely. For example, many dentists and orthodontists in recent years have recommended tongue ties to help newborns breastfeed despite little to no evidence that they actually work. Other examples include using expanders in children without crossbites or unsupported claims of preventative orthodontic techniques for sleep apnea. 

The Risk of Unsupported Treatments

When orthodontists shirk their professional duty to hard-backed scientific and medical research, it can cause a lot of problems for patients. Each risk only further highlights the need for evidence-based decision-making in your treatment plan. 

Ineffectiveness and Patient Dissatisfaction

Treatments lacking solid evidence may not deliver the results you expect, leading to dissatisfaction and a loss of confidence in your orthodontic caregivers. It can be disheartening to invest time and resources into a treatment promising dramatic improvements but see little to no change, which is why choosing an orthodontist with an evidence-based approach is so important. 

Health Risks and Complications

Beyond the disappointment of paying for an ineffective treatment, more severe risks include potential health complications. Procedures and devices not supported by rigorous research may pose direct risks to your oral and overall health. For example, unnecessary interventions can lead to adverse reactions, such as infection or undue stress on teeth and jaw structures, potentially causing long-term damage.

Financial Costs

Investing in unsupported treatments can lead to additional costs in the future. This not only strains finances that otherwise could have been spent on proven, beneficial treatments but also may delay the pursuit of more appropriate and effective care options when needed. 

The Importance of Evidence-Based Orthodontic Practices

Treatment with Integrity: Our Philosophy 

At Austin Orthodontic Arts, we know how important it is to provide you with care you can trust. By sticking to a conservative treatment philosophy that prioritizes minimal intervention and treatments backed by robust scientific evidence, we help patients get the smiles of their dreams without taking any unnecessary risks or liberties with your oral health. 

In practice, this means we provide a 100% personalized approach to patient care. There is no room for a one-size-fits-all mentality at Austin Orthodontic Arts, and your high-quality treatment plan will reflect that. Using the latest orthodontic tools, we can focus on achieving optimal results with the least invasive methods possible. 

Benefits of a Conservative Approach

Enhanced Patient Safety and Comfort

One of the greatest benefits of a conservative approach to orthodontic treatment is the heightened safety and comfort for you and your family. By avoiding unnecessary procedures and focusing on minimally invasive techniques, you’ll experience less discomfort and fewer complications. This approach reduces the risk of adverse effects that can arise from more aggressive treatments, ensuring a smoother, more comfortable treatment journey.

Preservation of Natural Dentition

A key advantage of conservative orthodontics is the emphasis on preserving your natural dentition. This philosophy aims to maintain as much of the natural tooth structure as possible, which is beneficial for long-term dental health. By prioritizing treatments that support the health and integrity of your teeth and gums, Austin Orthodontic Arts helps you achieve not only aesthetic improvements but also stronger, healthier smiles.

More Cost-Effective

Conservative treatment strategies can also be more cost-effective for patients. By focusing on necessary and evidence-backed treatments, you’ll avoid spending on procedures that may not offer additional benefits or that could potentially be avoided altogether. This approach to treatment planning means your resources are allocated more efficiently, providing value to you and your family while achieving desired orthodontic outcomes.

Building Long-Term Trust and Satisfaction

Adopting a conservative philosophy fosters a deeper sense of trust between you and Dr. Naj, Dr. Salome, or Dr. Hime. When you see that your care is guided by a ‘less is more’ principle and that every recommended treatment is carefully considered, you’ll feel more confident in the care you receive.

The Importance of Evidence-Based Orthodontic Practices

Austin Orthodontic Arts: Care You Can Trust

Although there may be a lot of misinformation out there, your orthodontic treatment is always safe with Dr. Naj, Dr. Salome, and Dr. Hime. Our team will always provide you with evidence-based techniques that are proven to make you smile. If you’re considering treatment for yourself or a family member, it’s time to schedule your free consultation with our team in Austin today!