Smile initiative
Information based on a Kelton Perception Study for Invisalign

SHARE A SMILE Initiative

Program Overview

At Austin Orthodontic Arts, we're dedicated to transforming the lives of our patients and our community at large through our commitment to skill, service, and results.

We see our work as a life-long investment in the future of our patients and of our community. That’s why we are committed to giving back to our community through our SHARE A SMILE initiative.

Research shows that smiling helps you look friendly and competent, reduces your stress, improves your relationships, and puts you on the road to success.

Not only that, but people who smile more often live longer, healthier, happier lives. However, people who don’t feel confident about their smile are not able to take advantage of these benefits.

How It Works

With our SHARE A SMILE initiative, our team provides service to those who cannot afford orthodontic care. We partner with local non-profits, schools, and other organizations in the Austin area to connect with people who could use our help.

For every 33 patients who start treatment in our office, we’ll pull a name from our waiting list of people submitted by local charities and provide treatment to someone who needs it—at absolutely no cost to them.

We do this because we truly believe that orthodontic treatment has the capacity to transform lives by providing a stepping stone for future success.

We know that a smile is not just a smile—it’s opportunity, confidence, self-esteem, and it leads to future success. We make it our goal to see each patient finish their treatment equipped not only with a beautiful smile but with the confidence they need to succeed.

Success Stories

One of the things most people don't know about Dr. Hime and Dr. Salome is their commitment to serving the community. In fact, some of our favorite success stories come from helping out the folks who need braces the most—but just can’t afford it.

These three short films tell the stories of the patients who inspired Dr. Hime and Dr. Salome to start their Share A Smile initiative.

Natalie is a single mother of two beautiful little girls. Natalie’s braces have given her a smile she’s proud of - and the confidence that comes along with it. Hear how orthodontic treatment from AOA has changed her life.

Stephanie goes to Kealing Middle School. A self-described inventor and walking dictionary, her treatment is another important step on the path to success. Learn more about how AOA has helped her unlock her shining personality.

Herbert is getting ready to graduate from high school. After receiving treatment, he transformed from self-conscious to self-confident. Hebert got his first job and saved up to buy himself a truck, and it all started at AOA.