Share-A-Smile Campaign

Dr. Hime, Dr. Salome, and Dr. Naj love their lifelong home and adopted city of Austin and are proud to serve it by changing the smiles and lives of all who come through the door of Austin Orthodontic Arts. Despite all the good they do every day, they can’t help but think of those who don’t have the opportunity to begin treatment. That’s why we are proud founders of the Share A Smile campaign, and because we know we wouldn’t be able to do it without you, we want to tell you all about it!

Benefits Of A Straight Smile

Before diving into the campaign’s what and how, we want to tell you about the importance of a beautiful, functional smile.

Smiles are confidence givers and first impression makers. They are life changers! Did you know that aligned smiles are associated with positive attributes like cleanliness, happiness, friendliness, success, confidence, and good health? It’s true! The association of these positive characteristics makes aligned smiles more memorable and the people who have them more desirable, making it easier for those with straight teeth to create romantic, platonic, and professional connections. For example, those with traditionally attractive smiles are more likely to get second dates, have an easier time making friends, and are 45% more likely to get a job when compared to an equally qualified candidate with misaligned teeth. 

Misalignments also cause many oral and physical health issues, including indigestion, increased risk of choking, heartburn, tooth decay, bad breath, malnutrition, and gum disease! If your jaw is misaligned, you can also develop jaw pain and TMJ, a permanent and uncomfortable joint condition. 

Many with poor bites also develop anxiety and depression due to not liking what they see in the mirror or unfavorable treatment from others. The pain and symptoms can also cause shame or embarrassment, further isolating the person. 

At Austin Orthodontics Arts, we ALWAYS encourage our patients to feel confident in themselves before, during, and after treatment because we know their worth goes beyond appearances and how others perceive them. However, we also understand the value and benefits of an aligned smile, and we love being able to help those in the Austin community achieve their smile dreams. 

Dr. Hime, Dr. Salome, and Dr. Naj are proud to serve Austin by changing smiles and lives, so they founded the Share A Smile campaign.

Our Share A Smile Campaign

For some patients, getting treatment is more complicated than scheduling an appointment. Despite our best efforts to work closely with insurance and deliver transparent pricing, it can still be out of reach for some community members. And that won’t do! Our team does not want anyone’s reason for not getting treatment to be the cost, so we began the Share A Smile campaign.

With this program and your continued support, we can provide treatment at no cost for those who cannot afford care. Our no-cost patient list comes from local charities, schools, and other organizations. For every 33rd patient we see, we are able to give a life-changing treatment program and care to a child in need for free!

We want everyone to have a chance at success and to feel good about their appearance. All children deserve that opportunity, and we’re thrilled to be able to offer this program. Thanks to you, we can use our dream careers to help those in need, and we will be forever grateful.

Download this application to submit your child for consideration, or click here to download a form for your dentist to refer your child to our program. 

Dr. Hime, Dr. Salome, and Dr. Naj are proud to serve Austin by changing smiles and lives, so they founded the Share A Smile campaign.

Help Austin Orthodontic Arts Support The Cause!

When you become a patient of Austin Orthodontic Arts, you are not just investing in yourself. You’re also investing in your community and helping to improve the lives of many in Austin. 

Schedule a free consultation with us to discover if you or your child need orthodontic work! At the appointment, you or your child will receive a thorough oral examination where we will assess teeth and jaw alignment, teeth and gum health, and facial structure using our top-of-the-line equipment. Our orthodontists will also discuss the best treatment options and plans for optimal results and experience during the free consultation.

If you can start your treatment without Share A Smile, you will be helping us get one step closer to helping a child who needs Share A Smile. 
Contact our office if you have any questions about us, Share A Smile or insurance. Our helpful team members are always happy to help!