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At Austin Orthodontic Arts, we don’t take the responsibility of transforming your smile lightly. Your smile is a massive part of your daily and overall quality of life. We believe you shouldn’t entrust the critical task of improving your smile to just anybody. Our team works hard every day to create a welcoming, educational environment that is pleasant for patients of all ages and their families. Whether you’ve stepped foot in our office before or are a prospective first-timer, we don’t want you to blindly trust us because we’ve put the word “Doctor” in front of our name. Trust is earned, and we’d like to begin earning your trust by telling you a little about ourselves. Please, continue reading to meet your orthodontists at Austin Orthodontic Arts!

All Our Doctors Are Board-Certified

Before introducing the doctors individually, we want to share something all our doctors have in common—they’re all board-certified by the American Board of Orthodontics

What does that mean, and how does it benefit you? 

Think of The American Board of Orthodontics as a high standard to strive for and the certification as proof of continuously meeting those standards. The organization’s mission is to improve public orthodontic care and raise the bar of your expectations of your orthodontic provider. Only one (1) in (3) orthodontists become board-certified, so it is a great honor to hold!

Meet Your Doctors

To become board certified, a potential orthodontist must first finish dental school, begin an orthodontic program, and complete at least two (2) of residency training. Once these qualifications are met, an orthodontist can take the written exam. The written test contains 240 questions designed to “[assess] the examinee’s knowledge of basic sciences and clinical concepts based on criterion-referenced testing.” Upon successful completion of the exam (the standards of which are updated every five (5) years to stay up-to-date), the orthodontist can take the clinical exam. Passing the clinical exam earns the orthodontist their board-certified status, but even after all of that, certification is only temporary.

A board-certified orthodontist must continue their education and meet the board’s expectations of excellence by retaking their exams every ten years.

When you choose a board-certified orthodontist like ours, you can feel confident that you are getting a dedicated doctor passionate about their craft. Now, let’s check out the three rockstars of Austin Orthodontic Arts!

Dr. David Hime

As a Texas native, Dr. Hime takes pride in helping the people of his home state improve their quality of life through their smiles. He loves connecting with his community and patients intimately; he has forged friendships with patients so strongly that he’s even gone to their weddings! 

Dr. Hime devotes much of his time to orthodontic work and organizations, even when not at the office. He is an active member of many groups, such as the Texas Association of Orthodontists and the Texas Orthodontic Study Club (both of which he served as president), and was a chairholder of two Capital Area Dental Society committees. Dr. Hime loves learning about orthodontics and sharing what he learns with the next generation of alignment professionals. He lectures nationally and internationally to inquisitive and equally devoted orthodontists. We’re so lucky to have such a caring and dedicated doctor at our practice, caring for our patients!

Outside the office, you will usually find him taking photos, traveling, cycling, and spending time with his marvelous family. 

Dr. Nick Salome

Dr. Salome understands the value of a gorgeous, functional alignment and is thrilled every day that he gets to help others in his home state achieve that. 

He is passionate about staying up-to-date with the latest technology and techniques so that he may offer you the level of treatment you deserve and should expect from your orthodontist. Dr. Salome was an Associate Clinical Professor at his alma mater, the University of Texas Health Science Center (where he graduated second in his class) for over 20 years! As an active member of many oral healthcare organizations, like the Texas Dental Association and the Southwestern Society of Orthodontics, Dr. Salome is never short on resources to expand his professional knowledge. Dr. Salome has also won a few awards for his work, and we’re so happy to have a multi-recognized doctor on our team!

When he’s not working hard for perfection, Dr. Salome is usually with his wife and children. They can almost always be found reading, cycling, or sculpting beautiful pieces of artwork!

Dr. Kaveh Najibfard

Dr. Naj views orthodontics as a unique blend of artistry, expertise, and precision, empowering him to craft beautiful and harmonious smiles.  Much like skilled architects who meticulously plan and design structures, Dr. Naj attentively analyzes each patient’s dental landscape and creates a customized blueprint for their smile transformation.  His ultimate fulfillment lies in creating smiles that radiate not only beauty but also functional and emotional contentment, fostering a profound and lasting impact on the lives of those he serves.

In alignment with his passion for orthodontics, Dr. Naj shares an unwavering commitment with Dr. Hime and Dr. Salome to remain at the forefront of their field.  Actively engaging in various orthodontic organizations, such as the Texas Orthodontic Study Club and the Southwestern Society of Orthodontics, Dr. Naj continuously broadens his knowledge and establishes connections with like-minded orthodontists driven by curiosity and passion.

Dr. Naj’s commitment to excellence in his work has earned him the prestigious Fred. F. Shudy Award for Excellence in the Practice of Clinical Orthodontics.  We take great pride in his achievements and commend him for setting high expectations for himself.  This recognition is well-deserved and speaks to his exceptional efforts in the field.

During his leisure time, you’ll often find him in the company of his loved ones, joyfully exploring the city’s captivating attractions.  Whether he’s cycling along scenic trails, engaging in a spirited game of tennis, cheering on local sports teams, or indulging in culinary adventures at new and enticing restaurants, Dr. Naj is always eager to embrace the diverse experiences that Austin has to offer.

Meet Your Doctors

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